The Silver Lining

Guys, this is going to be a fairly short post today as I will be taking advantage of some much needed mom/son time. I wasn’t going to write today, but during my prayer time this morning I noticed something. The reflection in my pool showed  a super bright, I mean unbearable to look at, outline of the sun behind an enormous black cloud. Commonly known as, the silver lining. Nothing that out of the ordinary, I suppose, but God spoke to me through it. I have had so much going on this past month. The hand of God is clearly moving in my life, but in the filter of “earth glasses”, it looks an awful lot like I’m losing everything and basically destroying my future. Also guaranteeing homelessness and being alone forever. You think I’m being over-dramatic, but I’m not. I’m whining, but it’s true.

That silver lining reminded me that no matter how big the cloud is, no matter how dark and threatening it is right now, God is so much bigger. His glory will shine through. See, what hit me was that, when I first noticed the reflection, the only thing that caught my eye was the bright lining of sun. I didn’t notice how big the cloud was, or how dark and ugly, for at least a few minutes. It was so bright, so beautiful, that it commanded every bit of my attention.

In the same way, I want to encourage you today, if life looks like a big threatening storm cloud all around you, remember, God’s glory is going to shine through. When it does, not you or anyone else will be able to notice anything but the bright shining of the sun.

I hope this will encourage you today! Whatever your going through, don’t give up! God light WILL shine through this darkness.

That’s it, I just had to share!


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1 thought on “The Silver Lining

  1. It is in the storms that Jehovah reveals the most of His love, strength, wisdom and peace that He abundantly blesses us with the most. Joseph a son of Jehovah

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