Book Club #4

Yup, it’s that time again! And what awesome piece of literature will I be reviewing today? None other than one of my all-time favorites, Demon, A Memoirby Tosca Lee.

As you get to know me, you will realize I have a fascination with the supernatural. Not, like ghost hunting and stuff, how boring and cliché, but the peering of one’s soul into that other dimension, the one that surrounds us constantly, yet goes virtually unnoticed by all.

This book satisfies that fascination tenfold. Yes, yes, I know it’s fiction, but the truth rings so clear throughout the entire story, that it makes you want to stop every few pages and just cry out in worship to the God who gave it all for you. You feel a prickling sense of shame mixed with complete awe, a smallness that gives way to the desire to praise God unabashedly and with absolute adoration.

At least, that’s how it makes me feel.

I love the perspective in this story. Written from the viewpoint of a sad and lonely editor who is visited by a demon with a story to tell, you see both the pathetic and meaningless despair that is the average human’s life, as well as an intense emotional angle of one who has seen everything from the beginning to the present. The story we all wish we knew is told, a window into the impossible to know “back story” of creation. The story of life and human depravity is woven throughout a tale of one who becomes, for the first time, aware of the great love and sacrifice of his Creator.

Betrayal, despair, rejection, creation, love, hate and sadness are the themes carried out, and you will be hard-pressed not feel each of these emotions, both for the highly relatable human and for those in the realm we can’t comprehend.

You almost feel sorry for Lucifer and his followers…almost. Lee masterfully brings you back to reality just at the point where you feel this questioning sense of unfairness toward God. You see his justice, even though at times you feel like the evil stepsister who happens to be undeserving favorite. In fact, you see the character of God as if you were a stranger standing in the cold night looking through a window at a masterful artist, busily creating an elaborate work that you can’t make sense of, but are awed by anyway.

Without giving away too much of the story, I challenge you to read this book. I challenge you to let your mind go where it knows it can’t, to see the story of humanity in a different light, to see what you really deserve, then compare it to what has been poured into you with complete, unconditional love.

This is one of those life-changing stories that never lets you see the world the same again. This is my third time reading this book, and still, I can’t put it down. I’ve read several books by Tosca Lee, and they all have a similar effect on me, but this one happens to be my favorite. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Happy Monday and thanks for reading my very unprofessional book reviews! I just love reading and sharing with you all! Pick up your copy of Demon, A Memoir by clicking on any of the highlighted titles, or by clicking the image.

If you are purchasing from Canada, click here, from the U.K. click here.

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2 thoughts on “Book Club #4

  1. This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti

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    1. Yessssss!! Love those books!! I think that book is what made me fall in love with this genre 😊

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