No Fear

Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives out fear. It is punishment that makes a person fear, so love is not made perfect in the person who fears.  1 John 4:18

The Spirit we receive does not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children of God. With that Spirit we cry out, “Father.”  Romans 8:15

The Lord is my light and the one who saves me. So why should I fear anyone? The Lord protects my life. So why should I be afraid? Psalm 27:1

We are allowed to do all things, but not all things are good for us to do. We are allowed to do all things, but not all things help others grow stronger. Do not look out only for yourselves. Look out for the good of others also. 1 Corinthians 10:23-24

Guys, first of all, I want to apologize for not being consistent with my posts lately. Not making excuses, but we have had Strep running through our home this week, and I do not have the multi-tasking skills to care for sick children and concentrate on writing at the same time. Which really stinks by the way.

Secondly, I have not felt good about my post, Horror, Yay or Nay?  after receiving a couple of phone calls and just the general reaction to it. I just want to clear the air here. I do not feel the need to defend my decision to celebrate Halloween, but I will never be ok with making people feel like I am minimizing their choice not to.

Please know that I fully respect anyone’s decision to celebrate or not celebrate this holiday. Many of you have very valid points as to why you feel Halloween is wrong and against God’s word. Many of you do not feel convicted in this area at all. I don’t personally feel either is right or wrong. If you feel convicted about watching horror films or celebrating Halloween, then you most definitely need to listen to the Spirit on that.

I am a Christian, and I love God with all my heart. He is at the center of everything I do. I make it a priority to lead my children in his ways, by both teaching them and as a living example. I am not perfect. I mess up. I make mistakes. But anyone who knows me, especially my children, knows that my relationship with Christ is the most important thing in the world to me.

And I celebrate Halloween.

I feel like I really stepped on some toes last week, and though I will probably only make it worse with this post, I have to write what is on my heart. And I am deeply sorry to anyone who felt I was mocking their dislike of Halloween or horror movies. I never want anyone to feel that way. You have to do what God is telling you. I will never intentionally make you feel bad about that.

I just want to shed some light on my decision. I do not want to lead anyone astray because of my beliefs, or make anyone feel defensive, or that I am stomping on your choice, whatever that is.

As  child, I saw a darkness that inspired far more fear in me than any horror film ever has. That darkness didn’t cause me to hide under my blankets or keep me from sleeping for couple of days. It gave me horrific recurring nightmares and a fear of God for the entirety of my childhood and for most of my adult life. This darkness was forced upon me in the name of the Holy Spirit. In the name of the God who was supposed to love and protect me. This darkness did not represent love, it represented terror. My innocence, my security, my ability to see truth was stolen from me, all in the name of the Holy Spirit. Well, rest assured, there was nothing holy about the spirits I encountered as a child.


What this dark spirit stole from the innocent it gave back in the form of fear. Again, in the name of God, spreading terror in the hearts of God’s children. It inspired a fear of everything from Disney movies to Santa Claus, and the spirit of timidity gripped the souls of those seeking salvation.

Please beware. God does not instill fear. God does not steal or destroy. He cannot be not, nor has he ever been, overcome by evil.

Anyone telling you to be afraid of the world and the evils in it is a liar, and I would advise you to be very careful. Anyone telling you that YOU are evil, or that they have the power to purge sin from you, or that you cannot receive the Holy Spirit because you lack faith is a liar, and you should beware.There is a world of difference between choosing to live free of sin’s imprisonment, and living in fear of the world.

We, as christians, do not partake in the sins of this world because we know the truth. We know that way of life leads to negative consequences, corruption, and ultimately, death. We know living in the sinful ways of this world will steal our joy and peace. We know that the only way to live the life we were created for is through relationship with Christ.

We do not choose the truth because we are afraid of the alternative. We should not run from the evils of this world because we are afraid of it. We run because we know it is a lie and a trap. Or do you not believe that Jesus has overcome? Do you not believe that God is far, far, far, far, far more powerful than Satan and his cowardly followers?


I do not participate in activities that are clearly sinful in God’s eyes. I do not disrupt  graveyards because it’s disrespectful, not because I’m afraid of evil. I don’t hold seances or play the Ouija board because God tells us not to partake in witchcraft, not because I fear spirits of the dead. The dead are not our concern, it is the people living on this earth who are crying out for God without knowing why their hearts ache so much that we should be focusing on. And as much I do love horror films, I do not watch any that truly make me afraid. My children are never forced to watch anything that makes them afraid. Is it because I think these movies are evil? No. I don’t. I have seen evil, and these ridiculous movies are not it. It is because I believe fear, not movies, is what opens the door to evil.

My boyfriend can watch a movie like The Ring, which gave me the heebie-jeebies, and be completely unaffected. He hates those type of movies, not because they’re scary, but because he thinks they’re stupid, have a weak story-line and are super boring. Satan can and does prey on our fears. I’m not going to open that door. And you shouldn’t either. But would I judge Justin for watching the same movie when it has no effect on him whatsoever? No because there is no fear. He knows the truth. He knows he has no reason to be afraid. There is no door for evil to walk through there.

Does this make any sense? Satan only has power where we let him. He only has power where we choose to believe the lie over the truth. When we choose to believe that he holds more power over our souls that Christ does. The only power he has is that he’s an excellent liar.

I don’t believe the lie that I need to be afraid of evil spirits. I believed that lie for almost my whole life. It paralyzed me.

I’m not going to tell my children that dressing up in costumes and getting candy is opening a door to Satan in their lives, because it’s not.

I’m not going to believe that reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe, or watching the artistic masterpieces of directors like Stanley Kubrick is going to usher evil into my heart, because it’s not.

Maybe it’s because I saw the real face of evil as a child, and it looks nothing like art, drama, or costumes. Maybe it’s because I had to deliberately walk away from fear before I could truly understand the truth of God’s love for me. Maybe it’s because I have seen the spiraling effects that living in fear of evil can do to a person, a family, generation.

It could be anything, but I will never give in to fear again, not of the twisted minds of sick men, not of the Holy Spirit, not of horror films, not of pagans and their holidays, not of anything. Because there is no fear in love, and I live in the love of God.


By the way, before you assume that God will be angry with you for trick-or-treating, ask yourself whether you put up a Christmas tree or took your kids to an Easter egg hunt this year.

You did?

Is God angry with you? Because you just celebrated a pagan holiday with pagan traditions. Not at all in even in the slightest way rooted in Christianity. I’m not going to follow this rabbit role, but if you didn’t feel fear of celebrating Christmas by decorating the tree before, then feeling that fear now should make you think about what the real sin here is.

Will you live in fear of everything that has a possible history of darkness? Cuz, that’s literally everything. Or will you be an overcomer? Celebrate the crap out of Christmas, and use it to spread hope and love and the message of salvation?  What do think God will be more upset about? You using a pagan holiday to plant seeds of truth and hope, using Satan’s attempts to lure humanity away from God against him? Or hiding and burying the truth out of fear?

I’ve had a million conversations with my kids that stem from questions about horror films. I’ve been able to feed them biblical truths to questions that may not have otherwise come up were it not for this tradition.

I have spent hours researching, designing, and creating costumes with my kids, particularly my son, who intensely loves making detailed and extravagant costumes. These are some of our favorite memories. I have had to work most years on Halloween, so trick-or-treating has never been a for sure thing, but I am certainly thankful for the churches who are not afraid of Halloween, who have provided a safe and fun place for my kids to stock up on candy, play games, and make new friends. Where would all that be if I let fear rule my life?

I am frustrated because I feel like the tone of this post is once again, coming off as judgemental. Please understand that is not my goal. I just think we place too much stock in Satan’s abilities. And then we push people who need God away.

All I’m saying is, be careful not to judge the Christian who celebrates Halloween. Be glad that they do not live in fear of what Christ has overcome. Welcome them as friends.

And for those who do feel comfortable celebrating Halloween, don’t judge the Christian who chooses not to. They have their reasons, and their convictions. Never lead a Christian into sin by making them feel like their convictions are invalid.

In the end, we all have a relationship with Christ, we all are loved and accepted by him. And as we grow, he will open our eyes to the truth.  He will lead you to shut the door on evil, whatever that looks like for you.

For me, embracing that there is nothing to fear but fear itself is what led me to the path of healing. I had to stop being afraid of the Holy Spirit, of church, of men, of ghosts from the past. I had to stop being afraid of angering God, of disappointing him, of his wrath and the darkness I believed would come with it.

Giving that fear to Christ is what opened my eyes to the truth. There is no fear in love.

Thanks for reading guys, time to hand out antibiotics and teaspoons of honey. Enjoy the rest of your day, and stay healthy!




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7 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. A brilliant blog Alecia! LoveNCourage is a fab name for your blogs. This blog is full of love, compassion and courage. Thank you for sharing! 😊x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No, thank you for reading! I really appreciate your support and encouragement 🙂


      1. Of course!! You deserve it!


  2. Great outlook you have on fear. When you let go of fear many doors open and new beginnings emerge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Fear has always been what dehabilitates me the most. Stop being afraid, and your whole looks different 😊


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