I Dare You

I dare you.

I dare you to put God first.

I dare you to let go of every other concern.

I dare you to close your eyes and imagine being face to face with Christ.

I dare you to fall to your knees in worship with fear and joy.

I dare you to feel. Feel the wonder. Feel the intensity of love. Feel the joyful laughter bubble up from inside of you. Feel the tears streaming down your face with the knowledge that you don’t deserve the grace you’ve received.

That. That feeling? The warmth and energy….

The indescribable devotion and powerful love you feel so intensely that at the same time pales in comparison to the energy surrounding you – that’s God’s glory. It’s his Spirit infusing your soul with life.


I usually start my day in prayer and reading the Word. The days I don’t always feel so off. It’s a habit I belief is absolutely necessary to our spiritual health and for me, sanity.

It prioritized God in our lives, first, before all else. It gives us the tools to handle anything that comes our way. It’s both inspiring and convicting. It’s guidance at the source. It gives us peace to hand our concerns and loved ones over to an all-powerful God before the muck and mire of the day seep in.

It’s a great start to the day.

But is it the best?

What if we went deeper?

What if we spent our mornings weeping in sheer joy at his presence? What if we let ourselves feel our desperate need for him, grieving at the limitations this earth has bound us to? What if we felt the ache of hunger for his love, the unbearable thirst for his holiness?

In a healthy relationship, we come to a place where we stop playing the “I’m perfect” game and presenting the heavily frosted version of the very “homemade” looking cake that is our true selves. We come to a point where the icing melts and reality sets in. We are very flawed. Our love is very flawed. Our hope is that we will be accepted and loved despite our flaws. When we feel accepted, we let go of that need to portray a certain image. We begin to rest in the freedom of unconditional love and acceptance. We know full well we are undeserving of any such thing, and as this mere human continues to choose to love us, we feel this sense of gratitude and empowerment that seems to accompany real love by default. We can be who we are with the freedom to grow. We can open our hearts without fear of rejection.

I have been lucky enough to experience this kind of love. But it took me a long time to get there. Past rejections and pain left me closed up and unable to let myself love or be loved. I spent a lot of time being careful in my relationship. I wasted time trying to be the person I thought my love needed me to be. Doing the things I believed would lead to love and acceptance. Putting my best face forward.

But guess what? He didn’t want any of that. He wanted me to be me. He caught little glimpses of the real me here and there, and that’s  the girl he fell in love with and was willing to wait for.

As I was contemplating the generic feelings I have been experiencing in my relationship with God lately, it hit me.

I do…we all do, the same thing with God. We put our best face forward, trying to cover our imperfections with that super sweet frosting. We read the Bible. We pray for our friends and family. We abstain from “sinful” activities. We go to church. We invite our friends to church. We have the Christian bumper sticker and wear the cross necklace.

All good things, but all frosting. God sees the cake underneath, and he wants the all of us, not just the icing. And sadly, many of us go through life attempting to maintain the image of perfection but without ever letting God  into the reality of our hearts. We do what we think he wants. We live the way we believe a new creation is expected to. We live attempting to be deserving of his grace.

We can’t.

So I dare you to let go.

Let go of trying to be the good Christian. Let go of the futile attempts to please God.

He has already accepted and forgiven our flaws and mistakes! AND HE LOVES US ANYWAY!

The way I feel when I am reminded of Justin’s true and unconditional love for me…it’s indescribable. It inspires me to be a better woman! Not the person I think he wants me to be, but the woman I am. It inspires me to love him and others with the same acceptance and faith. It’s freedom.


It occurred to me that I haven’t felt that freedom in my relationship with God for months. It occurred to me that intentionally focusing on my love for Christ is the rarity, not the norm.

I can live each day in gratitude and wonder at the love another human has for me, but those same feelings toward Christ’s perfect love for me seem reserved for special occasions. Mainly, when he’s bailed me out of some horrific mess I’ve made of my life.

I don’t always feel freedom in Christ, not really.

I don’t feel empowered as a royal heir to the throne of God.

I don’t feel terribly inspired to grow as a Christian.


I am convinced that the reason my spiritual life feels so mundane is because I am playing the “dating game” with my Savior. And he is just waiting for me to let him chip away at that wall surrounding my heart and let my soul  fall in love with him. Real, uninhibited, insanely intoxicating Love.

Do you feel the same way?

Then I dare you.

Open your heart to the freedom of LOVE. Expose the real you, the beautiful, authentic, wonderfully made, one of a kind you to the Lover of your soul. Let absolute grace and acceptance empower you to experience real freedom.

I dare you.





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4 thoughts on “I Dare You

  1. I take your dare! We have Jesus that just sits patiently waiting for us every second of the day, he is there 24 hrs. a day and He is the only one who can save us from ourselves and this world we live in. I’m reading a book called Why Believe In Jesus! I say why not! This world we live in is full of hate and things not pleasing to God. This world can’t fill up that part of my heart and soul with the peace and joy we receive from Jesus and the Holy Spirit!. No man in this world can empower us the way Jesus can. Our partners in life are a gift God gives us to share this joy and peace with but there is still this place only Jesus can reach and touch my soul and that comes from being in a relationship of perfect love To know that everyday that I breathe MY DADDY GOD has to come first. I’m having this amazing love affair with my Jesus I can not see or touch! Jesus is the only way I will survive each day. He has become my best friend that I love so deeply. The love I have for my husband is different. He has been a gift from Jesus to love me and me to love him but not in that perfect way. My husband looks at me and does see my flaws sometimes not liking them and I see his as well. Jesus looks at me perfect because all he sees is no sin. He already paid that price on the cross when HE SAID IT IS FINISHED. MY BLOOD COVERS YOU. I KNOW EVERYDAY I CAN START WITH A CLEAN SLATE THRU REPENTANCE KNOWING IN MY MIND THAT JESUS HAS ALREADY FORGIVIN ME. MAN DOES FORGIVE BUT NOT LIKE JESUS DOES. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! IM IN LOVE WITH A MAN WHO DIED FOR ME SO I COULD LIVE IN FREEDOM OF CONDEMNATION! GREAT ARTICLE. KEEP SHARING YOUR HEART WITH OUR FATHER GOD!

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