Virtual Spiritual Makeover

So, there is this insane, let’s call it, “spirit” of sickness that is refusing to leave my home. I am currently on round 3 of the flu, and each time I think it’s almost gone, I hear a sneeze from someone in the next room, and come morning, it’s a full on war in my body, each battle tougher than the last.

If that seemed like a strangely poetic tribute to the flu bug, it’s because of the crazy amount of cold medicine coursing through my veins at the moment. After the first two battles with the sickness spirit proved untouched by any natural remedy, I broke down and decided that I needed a nuclear weapon to rid myself of it. The toxic, high-inducing cold medicine I am downing like candy is likely responsible for the insanity that today’s post may be.

You’ve been warned.


If you didn’t know, I recently started a business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. In my desperate attempt to be the marketing guru I so assuredly am not, I have decided to give my full attention to building my business where the party is – online. So I’ve been playing with image editors and  hashtags and social media posts, especially since I am unable to have a conversation with a human being without infecting them with the plague. Today, as much as I wanted to incorporate #tacotuesday into my Mary Kay posts, it wasn’t meant to be, and so I settled for #techtuesday instead. *Insert disappointed sigh here*

For #techtuesday, I brilliantly thought, hey, I’ll do a post about trying the virtual makeover thingy on my sight! By the way, not a #techy. Of course, being resistant to all things technical, I haven’t tried the virtual makeover thingy myself, so I figured before I post about its greatness, I should probably use it. Just throwin’ it out there, it’s a pretty cool “thingy”!

Untitled Design (5)

So, to get to the point here, (there is one I promise) as I was getting excited about testing new colors and products on my face on the virtual makeover, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could do a virtual spiritual makeover?! My answer to myself is yes, it would be way cool! Think about it, what if you could put on all of the fruits of the spirit you’re lacking in, or the armour spoken about in Ephesians on a virtual copy of yourself? What if you could see the effects of “wearing” those gifts on a daily basis, how it would perfect all the blotchy, sin blemished, worn out skin underneath? What if you could see yourself as the perfect new creation that God sees you as?

Well, I don’t know about you, but it would motivate me to do whatever is necessary to be that beautiful, perfected creature. Just like playing on this virtual makeover has shown me how wearing certain products can enhance my god-given natural features, I think seeing myself with all the spiritual “products” on that would enhance my god-given talents and desires would be the biggest motivator ever! Because all I want to do right now is spend all my money on all of these amazing skin care and makeup products!!

Imagine having that feeling when you can’t wait to open your new cosmetic or skin care sets. Ladies, you know! Now imagine feeling that way when you wake up in the morning, because you can’t wait for the opportunity to shine as the incredible, Spirit-filled, Christ-centered woman you are! Imagine being excited to exhibit the grace, kindness, and joy that eluded you in your past!

Now, I was pondering this, and still playing with virtual makeup, when I thought, I am going to remind myself each day as I put on my Mary Kay face, that every product I wear is a symbol of a spiritual gift that I want to exude from my soul. 

So here is my new morning, spiritual makeup prayer. I’m sharing with you because, hey, maybe my crazy cold-medicine induced ideas will be just what someone needs to remind them each day of who they are in Christ!



First, I use our 3-in-one-cleanser, and as I wash my face, I want to be reminded of how through Christ, I am clean! I have been washed clean of my sin and through his cleansing blood, I am forgiven of all of my (many) sins. Praise God as you wash away the dirt and oil that keeps your face from its shine! Praise him for his merciful forgiveness that brings the shine back to your tarnished soul!

Next is my moisturizer. This protects and rejuvenates your skin, and I am reminded as I apply it of how God is my protector, and the healer of my broken soul. Moisturizing is important to keeping your skin fresh and healthy. In the same way, our souls remain healthy when we seek our strength in shadows of our Savior’s wings.

Then I use a foundation primer. What this does is sort of smooth out all the bumps and ridges in your skin, kind of like filling in potholes on a bumpy road. As I smooth this over my face, I praise God for filling in the gaps in my heart. When I don’t have the heart to go on, he IS my strength. When I don’t feel like I can do it, he reminds me of my calling. When I am not enough, he is MORE than enough, he is my abundance!

Then of course, after the foundation primer comes the foundation. I pray just as my cosmetic foundation is key to making my physical features shine, Christ will be the foundation in my life that gives light to everything I am. I want HIM to be my rock, my support, the infrastructure to being all he has created me to be!

Now comes the fun stuff!

Ok, now you glamour girls will know that you CAN’T wear cheap mascara. You just can’t. It makes your eyelashes all gummy and you look like you have deformed tarantulas crawling out of your eyeballs. Matthew 6:22-24 talks about how our eyes are a lamp to our body. When our eyes our clear, we shine brightly, but when our eyes are clouded with darkness, our souls are darkened as well. What we choose to look at and open our mind to affects our ability to live out God’s purpose. Applying this to our virtual spiritual makeover (pun intended), I believe that letting ungodly influences in our lives is like wearing cheap mascara. It looks terrible, flakes into our eyes so we can’t see clearly, and certainly does not showcase the beautiful eyes to our souls. But, wear a fabulous mascara (for example, Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara, hint hint), and your eyes become the highlight of your whole look! In the same way, when we choose to wear the best mascara in life, say, reading God’s Word each day, carefully selecting shows you watch and books you read that are uplifting and point you toward Christ, you will shine! Now, just like you have to apply the mascara for it to highlight those gorgeous eyes, you also need to apply the word of God to your life for it to have an  effect. But when you do, your actions will turn heads. People will take notice, and they will want the Light that shines through you!

Next, the subtle but oh so important blush. To me, blush represents humility and grace. Pride has always made me like a porcelain doll. Pale and easily shattered by the slightest offense. Getting a little color in my cheeks might just require me to graciously take a critical slap, and then turn the other cheek. Not the easiest thing to do, at least not for me. Now back in the day, to get that little burst of color to highlight those pretty cheekbones, you would pinch or slap your cheeks until you got the desired rosiness. Thankfully, now we can apply this little gem as a powder or cream with a soft, fluffy brush. But as I brush it on, I pray I am always reminded to let go of my pride and be a woman of grace.

Lastly, the lips! I was not fortunate enough to be born with full, pouty lips. But with lip liner, a great lipstick and just the right shade of gloss, I can definitely make these little bird lips glam-worthy! Of course, we don’t need to have Angelina Jolie lips to change the world around us. What comes out of those lips, however, will make a huge impact. Your words will have an enormous amount of power over everyone you speak to. Those words can shimmer with life and beauty or dehydrate and chap even the those with the thickest of skin. As I apply each layer of sparkle and shine to my lips, I pray that the words that come out of them will be just as vibrant and kissable. I pray that they would speak life over my home, my business, my family, and into the lives of others. And if my gloss should fade and my lips chap throughout the day, I pray it would remind me of how detrimental my words can be to others.

Now, I could really dive into symbolism that pretty much every beauty product on the market could represent in terms of our walks with God. But I feel like I could die right now from body aches and I’m pretty sure you get the point. I would challenge you to think about how your self-care or glamour routines can be prayerful reminders of the steps we should be taking to shine as lights in a dark world.

And if this makes no sense I truly apologize! I am whole different headspace this week!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Have a fabulous evening!

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7 thoughts on “Virtual Spiritual Makeover

  1. Love the thoughts! The difference between makeup and a spiritual makeover is makeup covers the flesh to try and make it look better, but a spiritual makeover exposes and reveals the flesh for what it is which makes everything better! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! We need a reminder now then that is in Christ we are made perfect, not by our own deeds or anything we portray. Thanks for reading 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great post! Hope you feel better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think *fingers crossed* the worst of it is over. Feeling less terrible today lol. Thanks for reading 😊


  3. I love how you related the Mary Kay products to biblical principles! I could not relate on some levels (lol), but your female audience definitely could. To be “cold-medicine induced”, this is an excellent post! Praying you are well soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I knew I would miss some of my readers with this one but, hey, when it comes to me I write it lol. Thanks for reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You got me with the overall message. That’s what counts.


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