Hi! My name is Alecia, and I’m the author of LoveNcourage. I’m so glad you’re here! If you want to know more about me, well, what can I say? I’m kind of crazy,  super passionate about my relationship with God, and driven to help people who are living in cycles of destruction. I also love fried chicken, lazy days at the beach,  and binge-watching anything sci-fi on Netflix. I get a power trip from creating delicious concoctions in the kitchen, and I absolutely detest cleaning up after myself (that’s what kids are for, right?) I refuse to be friends with anyone who doesn’t love roller coasters and zombies (jk, sort of), and my favorite holiday is Halloween. So now you know. Me in a nutshell, minus all the complicated details 🙂

Oh you wanted to know about the blog….Did I mention I can be a tad narcissistic? No? Well, yeah.  So about the blog (putting my serious face on) :

I started LoveNcourage because I’m tired. I’m tired of knowing the freedom I have in Christ, but not having the courage to live it. I’m tired of not knowing real love, how to recognize it, how to receive it or how to give it. I’m tired of the garbage the world feeds us as truth, and tired of the truth being viewed as garbage. So, here I am. Because I’m tired of looking around and seeing so many of you also living in fear instead of freedom, looking for love everywhere except the source, and endlessly trying to be something or someone you’re not,  when you are destined for so much more! I’m tired of living the lie, tired of seeing you live the lie, especially when I know the truth. And I promise, the truth will set you free. So here I am. On a journey to courageously live the truth, on a mission to lovingly tell the truth. (Told you I was crazy)

It is a major goal of mine to create an incredible community around this blog. So please, feel free to send me a message, comment,  or ask for prayer. I look forward to hearing from you!

I hope you are inspired and impacted in unimaginable ways! Enjoy!

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