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Hidden Treasure

*This is the post I had written for yesterday, but was unable to post due to power outages. I woke this morning with a renewed sense of gratitude. It’s the little things… Bright lights held steadily on unmoving ceiling fixtures. The way it feels to quiet a chill in the night with a warm blanket.

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The Cost of Rest

So, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about how I battle doubt every day, and quite frankly, I’m sick of feeling it. I wanted to write about something different than overcoming doubts today, so I made my vow to let down my net, spent my time with God, waiting for something to inspire me to write,

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Changing Perspective

A few months back,  I heard someone from outside the country say that in America, we don’t work to live, we live to work. She’s right. We are career obsessed. Our whole lives are centered around what job we have. We are judged by what we do for a living, by others and also by

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