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Do You Know?

Oh, so many thoughts jumbling through my head today! So many misconstrued notions that God is bringing to my attention. So much fear and misuse of the gift of imagination. And what am I so afraid of? This is a question I keep asking myself, and I keep coming up with the same generic answers.

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Virtual Spiritual Makeover

So, there is this insane, let’s call it, “spirit” of sickness that is refusing to leave my home. I am currently on round 3 of the flu, and each time I think it’s almost gone, I hear a sneeze from someone in the next room, and come morning, it’s a full on war in my

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A New Journey

I’d like to take today to talk about something amazing God has brought into my life. I want to just take the time to praise him and acknowledge his incredible ability to work all things together for good.┬áThis may sound silly to some, but God has opened a door of opportunity in my life, and

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